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Laughing my ass off, literally…   Leave a comment

So folks, this is the supposed face of Ricky “Pinocchio” Dyers Bigfoot.


Well, I do not know what you think of it, but personally, I am not convinced or even impressed for that matter.  After looking over this photo for a few moments, I went to the Rick Dyer tent video and looked at that again.  Its not the same creature.  Then I went to the screen capture from the movie that was released and there is no doubt that this is not the same creature either.

My problem is simple… too much hair.  So, Ricky shoots the Bigfoot, it dies, and then it continues to grow hair.  lol  I even had a look at the artists drawing made from the detailed description of Musky Allen.  Not even close.  So what is this???

Its clear that its a pretty good dummy.  I do not know who made it, but kudos to them for the attempt.

To date, Dyer has made money from the gullible.  Now I believe he will take this “dummy” on the road and pass it off as the real deal, taking even more money from anyone he can con with this bull.

So basically, Rick Dyer has turned into a carney.

Ahh, the faint smell of wood smoke and boiled cabbage.  What a moron.



Forget Rick Dyer…   2 comments

Its time to move on and forget about Rick Dyer.  The man is a complete and total wanker with no moral fortitude, no character and definitely not much in the brain department.  He believes it is funny to hoax people, take their hard earned money to bolster his own scamming empty pockets and laugh about it.  He is lower than the lowest thing you can think of, and I can think of some pretty low things.

The remaining members of Team Tracker (those who have not had the common sense to catch on) are all guilty of hoaxing also.  Do you honestly think that these people are in it for anything more than the money.  They are not believers, just scammers.  His own wife is as guilty as he is.  Pretty enough, but dumb as a stump.

Very shortly we will be into a brand new year and I suggest that we start it off on the right foot… Dyer free, Team Tracker free and fake Bigfoot body free.  Its time to let the genuine Bigfoot researchers make the discoveries that need to be made in order to prove Bigfoot’s existence.  It will happen folks, and Ricky “Pinocchio” Dyer will not be in any way associated with it.

With a bit of luck, he be will be languishing in a jail cell on some sort of fraud charges.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to those of you who find this blog.


You have got to be effing joking…..   Leave a comment

Seriously folks, its as laughable as a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  Or better yet, an episode of the Roadrunner and the Coyote.  A Bigfoot body box made up of some two by fours. some white board and some random pinkish red fabric.

Rick Dyer has outdone himself with this latest piece of fraud.  And speaking of that particular fraud, not too long ago he stated that the Bigfoot body had been confiscated and before that, that he was finished with this whole charade.  But here he is again, popping up with his line of supercilious bullshit and his cocky attitude.  Lying scumbag.

We all know by now that this is a huge scam.  Nothing more than a carnival side show.  Except of course for the few hangers on that he has behind him.

When this explodes in his face, and it will, then he will fall, and fall and long way and a long time and I for one will cheer loud.

This guy and his freaky followers need to go away, and for good.  It has become ridiculous.

The time is almost upon us when the truth will be finally revealed.  I cannot wait…..