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You have got to be effing joking…..   Leave a comment

Seriously folks, its as laughable as a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  Or better yet, an episode of the Roadrunner and the Coyote.  A Bigfoot body box made up of some two by fours. some white board and some random pinkish red fabric.

Rick Dyer has outdone himself with this latest piece of fraud.  And speaking of that particular fraud, not too long ago he stated that the Bigfoot body had been confiscated and before that, that he was finished with this whole charade.  But here he is again, popping up with his line of supercilious bullshit and his cocky attitude.  Lying scumbag.

We all know by now that this is a huge scam.  Nothing more than a carnival side show.  Except of course for the few hangers on that he has behind him.

When this explodes in his face, and it will, then he will fall, and fall and long way and a long time and I for one will cheer loud.

This guy and his freaky followers need to go away, and for good.  It has become ridiculous.

The time is almost upon us when the truth will be finally revealed.  I cannot wait…..


Yehaw…   2 comments

I disappear for one week and all hell breaks loose.  Damn.

So, Frank Cali, exit stage left.  Rick Dyer, exit stage right.  Everyone else, left standing in the middle scratching their heads and wondering what the hell is going on.

Well friends, its as simple as this.  Its all over.  As an exit strategy its pretty lame.  But then again, the whole thing was pretty lame from the beginning.  So there will be no Bigfoot body, fake or otherwise.

But… as over as this may seem, I caution you all to watch and wait, for the twist or the sting in the tail at the end of this debacle.  Its been the “modus operandi” of this group of morons so far, so why change now.

Have a great D’liar/Team Tracker free day everyone.  I will submit a longer post on this matter later on, when time permits.

Jason “Jug Head” Judd… Just another sub intellect.   Leave a comment

Back in July, Jason Judd posted an article on Bigfoot Today titled, “The mid-tarsal break and gigantopithecus debacle.”

Rather a fancy title from someone who claims to study anthropology just for fun.

But that is not my problem with this article.  My problem lies in the very first sentence of the article, which when you think about it, sets the tone for the rest of it.

His first sentence reads,

As I respect ALL aspects of research concerning ole sassy boy, I’d like to point out a few points that I fear may be misleading in our community.”

And to prove that point, he has aligned himself with a person, Ricky Pinocchio Dyer, who made a YouTube video in which he burnt and then pissed on, a book written by Dr Jeffrey Meldrum.  (Check my spelling there Lynk Paul, I may have spelt it wrong).

So where is the respect?   To make such a grandiose (really Ricky, put the dictionary away and learn English) statement and then join the cause of a moron who believes it is fine and dandy to burn a book because he thinks it is funny, really makes a liar out of you.

Over the course of human history there have been many book burnings by the establishment to prevent the lower classes from learning something, or for political or religious reasons.

The Nazis even had a book burning campaign!

So what does this say about Jason Judd.

It says he is a two faced liar who does not have the courage of his own convictions, who does not believe what he writes and who, despite using language which he believes makes him sound intelligent, is actually just another idiot in a pile of Team Tracker idiots.

Well done Jason, you have proved that you are on the correct lower level of the evolutionary scale to be a member of Team Tracker.