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Well, it seems that Ricky “Pinocchio” Dyer will just not go away.  Even though he has stated that he is done, he keeps on turning up, like the proverbial bad penny.  Not as much as he used to, but just enough to irritate the skin.  It is so sad.

From what I can gather, most of his YouTube videos disappeared, then some of them returned, then they all disappeared and then some more returned again.  Or at least something along those lines.  These actions make no sense to me at all, but then again, nothing that this ass clown does makes much sense.

And then there is the return of the Blogtalk Radio sessions.  There have been a few so far, but I can see that growing again and eventually returning in full force with the Hangouts.  Especially as we get even closer to “The Revelation”.   What a laugh.

And then there are the constant attacks on his “bigfootevidence101” blog.  Everyone and anyone is fair game.

Anyway, it seems that now, little Ricky is objecting to being followed and to having his photo taken, as well as photos of his wife and he claims, his kids also.  Seriously dude, did you actually expect to put yourself out there with some ludicrous claims and expect people to just let you be.  That’s just way too funny.  You reap what you sow.

And he is getting very fond of saying that the haters are just jealous of his success and of his being well known and that is why they hate.  What a crock.

Having just scanned through his latest BlogTalk Radio session (I cannot stand the constant drone of his voice or the loooooong pregnant pauses) I came across a point where he made the following statement;

“I am becoming a f@%$ing person that I don’t like, I am becoming the person that I despise the most.”

I have news for you Ricky, you have been that person for a very long time now.  All of us, your so called “haters” are free thinking people with common sense and an ability to recognize a line of bull when it is being fed to us.  We recognize that this whole thing is a big money making scheme for you where you rip off the gullible and we recognize that you are a narcissist.

Once this thing blows up in your face, the rest of your life will be a downward spiral.  You will never be trusted again, not that you ever were except by your fellow moronic Team Tracker members.  And if you think for one minute that we will ever let you forget this farce, think again.  Just remember, you made all this, now you have to live with it.


Hiding in the fringe…   2 comments

Well folks, Ricky “Pinocchio” Dyer is still there.  He is hiding in the fringes of the Bigfoot world, poking his head out from time to time, still attacking people and he has posted one or two videos on YouTube.  Not long ones, just short trailer type videos.  And of course there was the return to blog talk radio a few days back.

It seems that he, and whatever few remaining members of his Team Tracker cult cannot seem to just go away, for good, for ever.  But we all knew that this was the way it was going to be.

What a pity.  if there’s one thing the world does not need, its a narcissistic moron with a need for validation and a cult following.

Attack Blog…   1 comment

I just had a quick stroll through Rick Dyers bigfootevidence101 blog and I have to say I am not a bit surprised by what I saw.  It is typical Ricky “Pinocchio” D’Liar all the way through.

Basically, it has turned into an attack blog and everyone is fair game.

The latest entry, from six days ago, is titled “Tom Stickle’s addiction to prostitution explained.”  Under this is pinned a photograph and an article which of course was stolen from somewhere.  So now we are supposed to believe that Tom Stickle has this particular addiction because Rick Dyer says so?  Interesting! Just like we are supposed to believe that Ricky has a Bigfoot body… because Ricky says so.

And then there are the attacks on Frank Cali, Randy Filipovic and Skyla Ballard.

All these posts are attributed to “Bigfoot Evidence News” but none of them are claimed by any particular author.  Not so long ago the Team Tracker members were happy to put their name to various pieces of badly written drivel.  Now they all remain silent.  So, is it a case of they are no longer around or associated with Rick Dyer?  Its hard to say for sure.

One thing is for sure, if you do not believe in him, insult him, or (in his feeble mind) betray him, you are fair game for what the British would call, a drubbing.  This is the petulant tantrum of a child like mind when caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Drub away Pinocchio, drub away.  Its the end of your particular line of bullshit and we are all rejoicing.

Yehaw…   2 comments

I disappear for one week and all hell breaks loose.  Damn.

So, Frank Cali, exit stage left.  Rick Dyer, exit stage right.  Everyone else, left standing in the middle scratching their heads and wondering what the hell is going on.

Well friends, its as simple as this.  Its all over.  As an exit strategy its pretty lame.  But then again, the whole thing was pretty lame from the beginning.  So there will be no Bigfoot body, fake or otherwise.

But… as over as this may seem, I caution you all to watch and wait, for the twist or the sting in the tail at the end of this debacle.  Its been the “modus operandi” of this group of morons so far, so why change now.

Have a great D’liar/Team Tracker free day everyone.  I will submit a longer post on this matter later on, when time permits.

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I love a good Hollywood movie where there are slow motion explosions, with pieces of debris flying off in all directions and giant fireballs rising up into the sky.  Special effects are awesome.

Not nearly as awesome are the recent events within Team Tracker.  There was an explosion, or was it an implosion, it’s hard to tell.  But either way, on October 17th, Ricky “Pinocchio” D’Liar fired Frank Cali from his position as president of Team Tracker.  The reasons, as Ricky explained them, are still somewhat vague, despite the fact that Ricky claimed he was going to “tell it exactly how it is.”

Like all his other claims in the truth telling department, it was vague and full of innuendo.

I find it hard to believe anything that comes out of this clown’s mouth.

There may be some good out of this though.  Randy Filipovic (a good man) has an interview lined up with Frank Cali, which should be available soon.  And of course to counter this, Ricky D’Liar has stated that anything Frank has to say will be the sour grapes of a disgruntled ex employee.

I sense damage control.

What I found funny about the whole thing was the looks on the faces of the other Team Tracker members.  The few that were there in any case!

Lynk Paul did his usual Easter Island statue impression.  Stoic and stern looking.

Melissa Harsh also sported her usual blank stare of incomprehension.

And as for Dale Boswell, well from now on I may have to refer to him as “Boo Hoo” Boswell, tearing up all over the place as he was.  He should be happy about this.  After all is he not next in line for the president’s job.

On the other hand, it seems to be a jinxed position.  He may do well to stay away from it.

So, as the ranks of Team Tracker diminish, the videos sit on a shelf, unsold, and Ricky D’Liar sits at home in Las Vegas trolling the internet for any mention of his name, I will occasionally jump in and check up on what’s happening.

As I said before, it’s the best comedy on the net these days.

Silence of the morons…   Leave a comment

At the time of writing this entry, the Rick Dyer nightly hangout has been silent and dark for five days straight.  Thank the Lord for small mercies.

Unfortunately, the bigfootevidence101 blog is still going, albeit with what looks to be plagiarized materials and moronic member entries aimed at ridicule to other parties.

And then of course there is the page which up until yesterday was nothing more than an advertising splash page with links that did not work.  Today, its a new page currently under construction, but still maintaining the advertisement theme.

For those of you who believe that the disappearance of the Team Tracker nightly comedy fest is a good omen, think again.  Dyer and his moronic cronies will be back at some point.  They probably need a break from all their imaginary fame and fortune and time to work on the next part of their story line.  After all they have been caught out several times in the last month through lack of synchronization.

Now, for those of you who read this blog, or visit occasionally, you will know that on October 7th, I requested that Rick “Pinocchio” Dyer post two simple photographs on his blog.  Two photographs of Hanks big toe.  One from the top and one from the bottom.  In exchange for these photographs I was willing to trade a vital piece of information with him about a certain member of his precious Team Tracker and the information that this person was leaking and to whom he was leaking it.

Ok, so at the time I worded the offer a little differently; It was more ambiguous in nature. Pardon my vagueness.  It is a choice piece of information though, enough to knock you right on your hoaxing ass, Mr Dyer.  I could provide you with a wee hint, but on second thoughts… no!  As I said, “quid pro quo.”

You know what you need to do!!!

And for those who think he may not have seen the original offer, don’t be so stupid.  Lil Ricky scours the internet on a daily basis to see just who has been saying what about him. He thrives on it.  It is almost as vital to him as water and taco’s.

Missing Lynk Paul…   Leave a comment

On taking over as the new editor of Rick Dyers blog, bigfootevidence101, Lynk Paul posted a rather high and mighty entry which was designed to display his high intellect and superiority over everyone else, especially the so called “haters.”  I viewed this post as pompous, overbearing and demeaning.  Several people also made observations regarding his lack of grammar skills and poor sentence structure.

Today, “bigfootevidence101” posted a comment attributed to Tim Fasano as follows;

“Rick Dyer has invited me to video the showing of Bigfoot at a major hotel/casino 12/12/13 in Las Vegas. Derek Randels will be there to authenticate the Bigfoot. I will be there ONLY to tape what goes on. The deal I have with Rick is that I can take video of EVERYTHING and post ALL OF IT on YouTube. First, the images will be on my membership site and my Twitter. Then, the next day public released.
You don’t want to miss out on this monumental event when “the ninth wonder of the world”is released before its national tour to 48 states. Understand, if this is not a Bigfoot, you will see the results as well. Nothing will be held back. 
I am not working with Dyer. I am going because Derek Randels will be there (has sponsored our trail cam project). If its a hoax you will see that. Plus, play the Pass Line with odds, take the come line, and place the six and eight. Roll them dice! ”

And that was followed by this classic piece of stupidity;

“Don’t worry Tim, even though you didn’t get the correct spelling of the name of the man who sponsored your trail cam project, as the Editor of this blog, I fixed it for you. I got your back Tim!!!!”

So, Lynk Paul, you fixed an incorrect spelling with another incorrect spelling, while trying to belittle Mr Fasano in the process. Just how pompous do you feel now, jackass.

The proper spelling of the mans name is, Derek Randles.

Lynk Paul; just another illiterate moron in the ranks of Team Tracker.