And there you have it…   4 comments

Well folks, we have been saying all along that there was no bigfoot body. We were so right.
Ricky Dyers latest video clip claims that the Bigfoot body has been confiscated. As if any authorities were going to wait all this time to do just that.
We were right and Rick Dyer is a scamming liar, something we were also correct about.
Do we pity him… No way.
Do we feel sorry for his gullible Team Tracker members… Not a hope in hell.
Now we can place his memory firmly in the trash can and forget that he ever existed.
Have a great Dyer free day everyone.


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4 responses to “And there you have it…

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  1. I have to admit … I’ll kind of miss the “show.” And the body tour he was planning would have been hilarious to behold!

    • I have to agree with that. It would have been good for a laugh. Lol.

      • Although … I just saw on his Bigfoot Evidence 101 blog he’s claiming to be “laughing his ass off” and he will “never let his people down” and said something about “hook line and sinker” … so I think all the attention he got from blogs has re-energized him. I don’t think were done quite yet.

        • Yes, I just caught saw that video post as well. But here’s what caught my ear, so to speak. He said that he will never let his people down but then he followed up with the statement that “you will always get the truth from him and team tracker”.
          So can we take it from that, that his statement about the body being confiscated by the authorities was the truth? He never actually came out and contradicted anything he said in that video, did he.
          This is what Ricky “Pinocchio” Dyer does. He lies and then lies some more to counteract the previous lies and then lies again. Its all smoke and mirrors.

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