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And there you have it…   4 comments

Well folks, we have been saying all along that there was no bigfoot body. We were so right.
Ricky Dyers latest video clip claims that the Bigfoot body has been confiscated. As if any authorities were going to wait all this time to do just that.
We were right and Rick Dyer is a scamming liar, something we were also correct about.
Do we pity him… No way.
Do we feel sorry for his gullible Team Tracker members… Not a hope in hell.
Now we can place his memory firmly in the trash can and forget that he ever existed.
Have a great Dyer free day everyone.


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That’s NOT all folks…   Leave a comment

Well, it seems that Ricky “Pinocchio” Dyer will just not go away.  Even though he has stated that he is done, he keeps on turning up, like the proverbial bad penny.  Not as much as he used to, but just enough to irritate the skin.  It is so sad.

From what I can gather, most of his YouTube videos disappeared, then some of them returned, then they all disappeared and then some more returned again.  Or at least something along those lines.  These actions make no sense to me at all, but then again, nothing that this ass clown does makes much sense.

And then there is the return of the Blogtalk Radio sessions.  There have been a few so far, but I can see that growing again and eventually returning in full force with the Hangouts.  Especially as we get even closer to “The Revelation”.   What a laugh.

And then there are the constant attacks on his “bigfootevidence101” blog.  Everyone and anyone is fair game.

Anyway, it seems that now, little Ricky is objecting to being followed and to having his photo taken, as well as photos of his wife and he claims, his kids also.  Seriously dude, did you actually expect to put yourself out there with some ludicrous claims and expect people to just let you be.  That’s just way too funny.  You reap what you sow.

And he is getting very fond of saying that the haters are just jealous of his success and of his being well known and that is why they hate.  What a crock.

Having just scanned through his latest BlogTalk Radio session (I cannot stand the constant drone of his voice or the loooooong pregnant pauses) I came across a point where he made the following statement;

“I am becoming a f@%$ing person that I don’t like, I am becoming the person that I despise the most.”

I have news for you Ricky, you have been that person for a very long time now.  All of us, your so called “haters” are free thinking people with common sense and an ability to recognize a line of bull when it is being fed to us.  We recognize that this whole thing is a big money making scheme for you where you rip off the gullible and we recognize that you are a narcissist.

Once this thing blows up in your face, the rest of your life will be a downward spiral.  You will never be trusted again, not that you ever were except by your fellow moronic Team Tracker members.  And if you think for one minute that we will ever let you forget this farce, think again.  Just remember, you made all this, now you have to live with it.

Hiding in the fringe…   2 comments

Well folks, Ricky “Pinocchio” Dyer is still there.  He is hiding in the fringes of the Bigfoot world, poking his head out from time to time, still attacking people and he has posted one or two videos on YouTube.  Not long ones, just short trailer type videos.  And of course there was the return to blog talk radio a few days back.

It seems that he, and whatever few remaining members of his Team Tracker cult cannot seem to just go away, for good, for ever.  But we all knew that this was the way it was going to be.

What a pity.  if there’s one thing the world does not need, its a narcissistic moron with a need for validation and a cult following.

Theres a reason to hate…   4 comments

Bigfootevidencenews101, on November 4th, posted an interesting article about the anatomy of a hater. It was obviously written by a Team Tracker member who had some trouble making a point.
It pointed out all the usual reasons for hate; jealousy, self loathing etc.
But it missed, or rather ignored the real reason that Rick Dyer and Team Tracker have haters.
We exist because we know that this mixture of con artists and gullible morons are pulling a scam on society.
We exist to keep these assholes in check by any means possible.
We do not live in mom’s basement. We do have actual productive lives. We are the watchers on the hill and we smell a rat.
Enough said!

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