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Peeved, perhaps??   Leave a comment

It seems that Rick Dyer is a little peeved that one, Michael Merchant, has won some contest run by Spike TV.  And why?  Well, simply because Mr Merchant is a hoaxer, a racist and hates God.


All of a sudden we have a known past hoaxer and currently the mastermind of another hoax, along with the delusional members of Team Tracker, jumping on a moral high  horse.

Now that’s what I call irony.


Counting objects???   Leave a comment

So, Rick Dyer, on one of his recent hangouts, placed a photo on screen that he took of himself climbing a mountain.  Fair enough, a narcissist posting a selfie.  Nothing unusual there!

And then Dallas leans forward and starts counting out loud before making the proclamation “I see four objects in the photo”

Yes sir, you most certainly do.  They are called trees, bushes and rocks.

If this Bigfoot book that Dallas has alluded to recently, one he is in the process of writing, a book he magnanimously calls “a gift to the world” contains nothing but trees, rocks and bushes, then it will be a very poor gift indeed.

Claims, claims, and more claims.   Leave a comment

So, you have a product with a limited run of 100, priced at $129 each.

After two weeks the total sales are 60 items, or 60%.  And lets be honest here, that’s pretty slow going and a good indication of just how interested the public are in your wares.

The next step, obviously, is to lower the price and in that way hope to generate enough sales to sell off the rest of the stock…. Obviously!!!

After all, it works with everything else on the market!

But Rick Dyer decided that a price increase was the way to go.  Not a small increase, but an almost 100% increase, bringing each of his “After the Shot” DVD’s to $299.

This measure was announced on a Friday and scheduled to come into effect on the following Monday.

And then, like all of Mr Dyers other deadlines, he did an about face and postponed the price increase for another week.

Just another scare tactic to make folk run for their credit cards and buy before the price increased?  Of course it was!

But here’s a little economic factoid that you might find interesting.

In a market in which people are unsure of how to assess the quality of a product, they will use the price of the product as an indicator of quality. 

Now that’s interesting!

And of course, the reason people cannot judge the quality of Mr Dyers wares is because he has offered no tangible proof as to the quality or the content of his product.  All he has offered to date are claims of what is on his DVD.

Claims of 40 minutes of HD quality footage of a dead Bigfoot.

A dead Bigfoot that he claims he shot.

A dead Bigfoot that he claims is in a secret facility being worked on by scientists.

A dead Bigfoot that several member of his cult organization, Team Tracker claim to have seen.

That’s a lot of claims, folks.

Sure I once claimed that my uncle Robert was 23rd in line to the British throne.

No believed me either.

Devils Advocate   Leave a comment

Let me play devils advocate for a moment.  And before I go any further, let me also say that by doing this, I am in no way saying that I believe Rick Dyer has a Bigfoot body.  I don’t believe that he has, but let’s proceed anyway.

Let’s say that at some point in the future (the latest touted time frame is December) that Rick Dyer does actually unveil a Bigfoot body to the world.

What happens next?

Well… the members of Team Tracker start up a “told you so” campaign, pat themselves on the back for backing a winning horse (even though they are acting, for the most part, on blind faith right now) and cackle like a bunch of drunken porkers all the way to the bank.  Interviews will be held, congratulations will be thrown like confetti and Rick Dyer will believe that he is what he claims to be, the best Bigfoot tracker in the world.

In his own mind, he will consider himself to be the most important man on the planet.  He will be in very high demand, conducting interviews on TV shows, making public appearances and extorting huge fees for speaking at various venues around the world.

And what will the Bigfoot community do?  They will throw their arms up in despair, cringe under the weight of public humiliation and probably go into hiding.

The Bigfoot community will be in a state of disorder.

Some of course will make public apologies to Mr Dyer and align themselves with him, although I cannot see that being too many.

Now that’s a horrible thought!

What the Bigfoot community should do, must do, in this situation, is condemn Rick Dyer as to what he actually would be; someone, who for personal gain and a desire for fame, went out and in cold blood shot down a creature that has lived in the wild places avoiding contact with man, and who as a species, probably has a low population.

Let up put this devils advocate theory aside for now.  It’s disturbing and a little boring.

Does Rick Dyer have a Bigfoot body… No!

If he had, he would have released the body long ago in order to gain all the fame and fortune that I mentioned above.  Instead he makes excuses and changes the prospective dates and conditions.  After all, this latest hoax is making him money.

Watch some of his videos and you will begin to notice a pattern.

Over and over again he makes three key statements.

1.  I shot and killed a Bigfoot.

2.  I have a Bigfoot body.

3.I am the best Bigfoot tracker in the world.

It’s almost as if by repeating these three statements over and over again, he believes that he can convince people about the truth and sincerity of his claim, without providing actual proof.

And it works!  Just have a look at the members of Team Tracker and you can see that there are actually some very gullible people out there.  People who are willing to fork over hard earned cash for ridiculous memberships and sign NDA forms which are designed not only to keep the details of the supposed body a secret, but to keep the members of Team Tracker separate from each other with regard to certain details, such as, who has seen the body, where is it housed, what condition is it in, etc.  After all, internal discussion will bring forth details of truth and ultimately death to the whole hoax.

I also believe that some of these people, mainly the ones who appear on his frequent broadcasts are in on this whole thing with him.  Why not, there’s more than one way to gain fame.

And if you do choose to watch any of these farcical broadcasts, pay attention to the small details.  Its not the content of what he has to say that screams “hoax”, it’s the little things.

It’s a funny old world we live in!  Now, let us sit back and wait for this train wreck to reach the station.